Kameron Zach

Technical Director, Experience Designer

  • Partner

    Let's Build / Let's Stream

    Los Angeles, CA - 2012 - 2020

    Managed a small team to design and build digital experiences and business solutions for clients like Equinox, HBO, Dermalogica, Virgin Hyperloop-One, Jeremy Scott, Rolling Stone and other entertainment/editorial clients. Led team in developing technical solutions, pitch and build custom Javascript apps/integrations to full websites, custom workflows and native apps.

    Let’s Stream is a custom ulta low latency video streaming platform for business, built using Node.js and React. The platform allows business to capture and broadcast secure, scalable live streams where the audience can interact and participate on camera in a zoom-like experience. The platform can be used for webinars and digital events with custom tools like interactive auctions, trivia, bingo and more.

    Agency Highlights: client retention rate of 68%, winner of 3 site of the days awards from AWWWARDS, nominated for a Digital Emmy.

    Technologies included: React JS/Native, Express, Gatsby THREE.js, Pixi and Sketch

    My Friends Place WebsiteKatharine Kidd WebsiteTrixie CosmeticsTrixie and Katya Tour Website
  • Director, Digital Experience and Development

    Digital PrideFest & Digital DragFest, PEG

    Los Angeles, CA - Summer 2020

    Worked with a small creative team to design and brand Digital PrideFest a digital streaming event featuring 70+ shows created by LGTBQ artists and drag performers from around the world. Built custom ticketing admin/reporting, live stream tools for artist capture and broadcast using SaaS tools like Dolby.io and Mux among others.

    Technologies included: React + Redux JS/Native, Node.js, Express, Serverless, Gatsby (GraphQL), Next.js, Python, AWS (S3, Lambda, EC2, API Gateway, RDS) and Cypress.

  • Senior Engineer


    Los Angeles, CA / New York, NY — 2019 - August 2020

    Transitioned from an agency / client relationship to an internal consultant to help Equinox relaunch their flagship brand website (equinox.com) on a completely new technology (React, Next) stack and CMS (Contentful). Worked with team to break up intricate design systems (from Work & Co) and animations with the goal to balance aesthetic presentation, usability and performance. Established and implemented development style / structure standards that made modules and interface elements more flexible and re-usable.

    Recently led team to pivot sales previously sales / lead generation motivated Equinox.com to an editorial destination for members during COVID-19 gym closures.

  • Javascript Course Instructor

    General Assembly

    Santa Monica, CA - 2014 - 2016

    Taught Javascript (ES6) and computer science basics to a group of 14-18 students during a 12- week evening program.

  • Associate Producer

    MTV Networks

    New York, NY - September 2009 - April 2012

    Multimedia / backpack producer for MTV brands like MTV News, Logo and VH1. Shot, edited and produced on air, online and integrated marketing video projects.

  • Summer Associate

    MTV Networks

    New York, NY - Summer 2009

    Participated in highly competitive 12-week post college work training program with MTV Networks where I worked hands-on designing features and UX for MTV’s then social web product: Flux.

  • Bachelor of Arts - Video/Film Production

    Webster University, Saint Louis Missouri

Get in touch, kamerondotcom@mac.com